Travel Route – Johannesburg to Edinburgh, Scotland
Shipment date – 13 February 2020

Hello Marinda,

Well what a day!….Just sat down now to write you this email….in fact 3 times before that too! Apologies replying so late.

How can anyone take pictures with all the excitement & commotion in a small place!!…Needless to say Toby, Molly & Suzy Q gave me a lovely welcome.

I was nicely surprised at the condition & cleanliness of the dogs on there arrival. They obviously had been well looked after & as comfortable as they can be considering the circumstances. I found them relaxed  & happy, even more so now having been for a walk along the beach & golf course…hungry too!

Many thanks Marinda also to Sunel & the people at Exprordinaire who were so good & helpful while I fired questions at them.

Just Bob now….& we’ll be home & dry. Then I’ll send you pictures of them all!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards,

Fiona Laird Portch