Travel Route – The Netherlands to George, Western Cape

Hi Yolandi

Sorry for taking so long with the desired photo’s which are far overdue to date but then rather late than never

It has been quite a rough ordeal to get Tico back to SA exactly 1.7 years duration can you believe it with all the Avian flew drama

and wrong Cites papers and my family who were not interested to look after Tico and accommodation problems right in the beginning but luckily thank;s to Jaroen and the parrot hotel alleviation that was all taken care of….. on and on,,,,,,

Actually looking at these photo;s of Tico and me it looks like we just came back from Safari out of jungle of central Africa i look tired and overheated which it was when these photo’s were taken at the HEADS lagoon in Knysna on a hot sunny afternoon the photo’s talk for themselves

however Tico most probably is one of the most traveled and innovative parrots to have gone through what he did with quarantine sittings and vet visitations you name it ….. TICOs done it all

I hope that face book will tell the story all over the world of ” A DAY IN THE LIFE OF TICO ON LEISURE ISLAND IN KNYSNA ”

wow ! what a story in it;s Glory ,,,,,TICO of TREASURE …LEASURE ISLAND with Long John Silver ( that’s me) with Tico at the Helm….

YAHOO ! YAHOO ! YAHOO! ???? ???????? ???? ???? ????