Travel Route – Johannesburg to the USA
Shipment date – 10 July 2019

Hellooo there Yolandi 😁 so lovely to hear from you!!!

Global Paws is nothing short of incredible and every step of the way has been such a blessing!

This is the first time I am checking my email since we got here ! We had a crazy action packed weekend and only now really getting to unpack in our new space!

Sprout came out of the airplane tail wagging and big smiles! He didn’t even use the bathroom once in his crate… I knew he’s too much of a clean freak to dirty his space haha! Couldn’t have asked for a more smooth outcome and everyone with him at JFK was super friendly and it just all worked out so perfectly!

Sprout is so excited about his new life that he swam for the first time yesterday! There is a dog park island here where it’s a little island just for dogs to play in the middle of a lake and he swam out with his new brother to fetch sticks haha! So many firsts for him!

We have some pics etc that my brother took from his phone because I still need to connect my phone so I will tell him to send them to me so I can forward to you!

Thank you for keeping in touch and when I activate my phone and have my WhatsApp then I will regularly send you photos of Sprout! He’s having the most fabulous time and a big reason for his comfort was his smooth transition getting here!

Lots of love always from us to you 🙂 thanks for being so stellar!

Hanna and Sproutacus