Pet Travel Crates

Pet travel crates can be wooden or plastic… Global Paws manufactures IATA approved wooden travel
boxes and can supply airline approved plastic kennels as well.

Wooden crates

Our trained craftsmen manufacture the wooden travel crates, in compliance with all airline and IATA regulations, from quality timber, to be robust, secure and safe whilst still allowing ample ventilation to keep your pets in tip top condition during their journey and after. Comfort is of immense importance, especially as the travel crate is going to be their home base for several hours whilst travelling. With this in mind Global Paws has designed and manufactures its’ own Pet Travel Bedding that custom fits every pet travel crate. If you are planning on travelling with your pet more often, it is advisable to choose a plastic crate as the wooden box is theoretically for one use only, but due to their robust construction if kept indoors away from external weather conditions, all working parts are in good order and country requirements permit, it may be used again.

Plastic travel kennel

The plastic kennels need to be made of a strong composite plastic with a built-in iron door (plastic
doors are not permitted). Door hinges and locking pins must extend beyond the horizontal extrusions
above and below the door opening by at least 1.6 cm (5/8 in).

How to measure your pet?… Please follow the guidelines below.

We recommend that you measure your pet as accurately as possible so we can select the right size travel container. Please follow the guidelines below in order to provide us with your pets’ correct measurements.

  1. Take a pencil.
  2. Stand your pet against a wall.
  3. Make sure your pet’s posture is straight and that the neck is up in its’ natural position.
  4. Use a pencil to make a mark on the wall to indicate the top of your pet’s head or ears (if your pet has pointy ears include them in the measurement).
  5. Then use your pencil to make a mark on the wall to indicate the tip of your pet’s nose and rear end (exclude tail).
  6. Indicate your pet’s height: take a tape measure and measure the distance from the floor to the head mark.
  7. Indicate your pet’s length: measure the distance from the nose mark to the rear end mark.
  8. Indicate your pet’s width: take a tape measure and measure the distance from the left to the right shoulder.
  9. Indicate your pet’s leg length from the elbow joint: take a tape measure and measure the distance from the elbow to the floor.

How to choose the right crate for the journey?

It is important to choose the correct size travel kennel for your beloved pet. The crate cannot be too small or too large. Your pet should be able to comfortably stand up, lie down and turn around.
If you are purchasing your own travel kennel please bear in mind to allow room for a blanket and a water bowl.


A = Length of animal from nose to root of tail.
B = Height from ground to elbow joint.
C = Width across musters.
D = Height of animal in natural standing position from top of the head or the ear tip, whichever is higher.

Make the calculations below to indicate estimate minimum size of pet travel container:

Length = A + ½ B
Width = C x 2
Height = D + 10 cm

Allow room for blanket, bowl & toy.