Pet transportation by road

Pet travel is mainly done by flying pets to their destination as it is quicker and more cost effective than road delivery over large distances.

However for some destinations, like Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho or ordinary collections and deliveries to and from the airport, road transportation is unavoidable. For these types of scenarios we have exceptionally well trained Animal Handlers who drive and accompany your pets. Your pets are kept in their travel crates for their own safety and to ensure that escape or loss is impossible. If your dog is friendly and approachable, freshen up stops are made available. Your dog will be let out of its’ travel crate inside the closed vehicle and a lead will be used for any movement outside of the vehicle. Water will be offered and perhaps a small snack on longer road trips. Our Animal Handlers are all pet owners and are dedicated to ensuring your pet arrives in the best condition possible.

Our fleet of vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles are our backbone and we treat them well. All of our vehicles are dealer serviced every 10 000km and many times this can be as often as every month. We carefully selected our vehicles and chose the very reliable and spacious Toyota Quantum as our main workhorses, as they have an unparalleled pedigree and are open planned so that your pet has the company of our animal handlers and some music. We have had additional air conditioner units installed to the rear of the general cargo area to ensure that your pets are kept in the most optimum conditions possible for the duration of their journey. All vehicles are fitted with tracking systems so we can tell where they are at all times and we have Garmin GPS systems so that road navigation is kept easier and most importantly…safer.