Snowpine Kennels & Cattery

Michelle and Chris Emin, owners of Snowpine Kennels and Cattery, have been involved with animals for as long as they can remember.

The kennels were bought in 1994 by Chris and Michelle who have worked tirelessly to upgrade them into the beautiful facility it is today.

Tracey Van Rijn the kennel manager joined them 10 years ago and as another dedicated animal lover raised the level of pet care to even higher levels and standards.

Vets and their staff in the area all recommend Snowpine Kennels and Cattery, some even kennel their own pets at Snowpine. This is considered to be the highest possible accolade.

The kennels and cattery are always kept spotlessly clean, upgrading and maintenance happens on a regular ongoing basis.

Specification for dog kennelling


High quality dog pellets served with either freshly cooked chicken or ostrich meat and plenty of gravy. We can cater for special diets as well.


Yes, huge shady exercise area equipped with balls, shoes, dummy tugs and Frisbees… we even provide human “throwers”.


Each guest is brushed prior to going home.

Required vaccination

Valid rabies, standard canine vaccination and kennel cough required.


Each kennel is equipped with a ‘hideaway’ bedroom especially for those scared of thunder and lightning. All bedrooms are fitted out with comfy bedding and off the floor beds. All our kennels are fully walled which alleviates fence fighting and also assists in the prevention of the spread of disease.

Heated Kennels

Yes, they are available.

Flea & tick control

All dogs are treated with Frontline Topspot on entry into our facility, which alleviates any possibility of tick and flea infestation.

Specification for Cattery

Cats generally take a little bit longer to settle into kennels than dogs and for the first couple of days we find they prefer to tuck themselves away and “suss out the scene” before they venture out and socialise.
Heated cattery

Yes, available.


We feed our feline guests a top quality diet of Iams or Royal Canin (available 24 hours a day) as well as an evening treat of Pamper, Lucky Pet or freshly cooked Hake, depending on preference. Should a cat be on a special diet we will feed this, provided that the owner supplies it.

Required vaccination

Valid rabies and standard feline vaccination required.


Our cattery is safe and secure with a “no mans land” whereby even in the unlikely event of a cat escaping from the cattery it will find itself in a fully enclosed area where it is still safe and secure. In our cattery cats have their own space, soft beds, private toilets as well as scratching posts.


Every day each cattery is open to give more active cats ability to roll on the grass, play or suntan.

Flea & tick control

All cats are treated with Frontline Topspot on entry into our facility, which alleviates any possibility of tick and flea infestation.


Contact Details

Contact Number

082 553 1591

After hours emergency

+27 (0) 82 553 1591

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Snowpine Kennels & Cattery Physical Address

8 Hugo Road, Hendrik Potgieter Ext.
Muldersdrift, on tar no-dirt roads
2.5km from Pinehaven Garage

Hours of Business

Monday – Friday:
07h30 to 11h00 and 13h00 to 16h30
07h30 to 11h00