Membury Kennels & Cattery

At Global Paws we feel very lucky to be affiliated with Membury Kennels and Cattery as they have the same passion for animals and regard for the highest standards as we do.

If your first impression on arriving at Membury is one of order and cleanliness you would be right.

Cats and dogs boarding at Membury are loved on arrival and enjoy this same quality care throughout their stay.

Determined to offer the very best in modern accommodation for your pets, they are very proud of their brand new block.

Voted as one of the best kennels and catteries in South Africa, just getting into Membury is special.

Specification for dog kennelling


Ultra Dog or Opti Woof and treats.


The kennels are large and spacious. They never share dogs from different families. They have enough space and can provide a big enough kennel should there be more than two pets in a family. Inside and outside area. The sleeping quarters are indoors.


Available on request.

Exercise Areas

There are 10 different exercise areas.

Heated Kennels

Heat lamps available.

Required vaccination

Valid rabies and standard canine vaccinations required.

Specification for Cattery


Hills or Royal Canine and treats.


Available on request.

Heated cattery



Indoor cattery, very spacious.

Exercise area

Outside garden areas for cats.

Required vaccination

Valid rabies and standard canine vaccinations required.


Contact Details

Contact Number

021 865 2387 or 082 373 5655

Website Address

Physical Address


Hours of Business

Monday to Friday:
08h00 to 10h00 and 15h00 to 17h00
08h00 to 10h00
17h00 – 18h00