Travel Route – Johannesburg to Australia
Shipment date – 14 March 2020

Dear Marlene and Nadine,

Trust you are safe and well.

Happy to confirm that my 3 dogs have arrived to Sydney safe and sound a week ago thanks to Marlene.

Sam, Pigoletta and Lulu have spent 1.5 months in the Snow Pine kennels and they were treated very well. Also, we have received regular video whatsapp updates from Marlene about their well being which kept us happy and sure that they are well. Also, my parents-in-law have visited our dogs and confirmed that they get the best treatment in the kennels.

We have also outsourced the whole immigration process /to Marlene – basically, from door in Johannesburg to door in Sydney and we are very happy about that. Marlene has perfectly managed everything! She has made all the paperwork and certificates and booked the flights and the quarantine.  So our 3 dogs squad have made it smoothly almost on the last available international and local flights, spent their ten day in the quarantine and have finally reunited with their family. They are all in perfect shape, happy and settled in really well .

I would love to thank Marlene for the perfect job! The pets and the family are really happy! Everything was perfect and no stress! Will highly recommend to my friends and family!

Ps. Sam, Pigo and Lulu don’t have words to express their gratitude. Happy doggos pics are attached.

Thanks and regards,