Travel Route – Johannesburg to London Heathrow, UK

Hi Kylie

Quin arrived on the same flight as me.

I went home and dropped our cases, then went back to fetch him from Heathrow ARC.

As you know, I called you to find out where he was in the process as the agents here did not notify me and the app seems to not update regularly.

He was eventually cleared around 15:30.

When I got him, they said he was wet from the water in his cage. In fact his whole belly and paws where crusty – he smelled of urine, so I guess the time in the crate was just too long for the gel pad to cope.

As soon as we got to the flat, I gave him a bath. He was not even fully dry yet when he started to purr. He has been so loving and sweet, none of the cold shoulder I expected.

It is still early days and he is very skittish at all the strange noises, but all in all be is doing much better than I expected at this stage.

Thanks for your work. All the preparation obviously paid off as – despite the long wait – he was cleared without a hitch.

Kind Regards

Marita Botha and Quin