Travel Route – Johannesburg to Dublin, Ireland
Shipment date – 18 December 2019

Hi Leanna

Goldie and Paws have settled in very well thanks and I have attached some photo’s of them and their new hometown. They are very happy and love to be tucked-up warm. They also love their walks every day which is about 3km but sometimes it’s extremely cold (like -5) but they are doing really well.

When we picked them up from Dublin they were so happy to see us they cried all the way home for three hours. The photo’s are of them and the area around us where we walk and their new house (ours) is in the middle of the street and houses photo.


Please also know that we are very happy and thankful for all you and the team did for us and our two lovely girls and for making this all possible.


We will definitely recommend Global Paws to all those we know.

Thanks and regards,


Grant and Kerry Smith