Travel Route – Mali, to Wilderness South Africa

Travel Date – 15 February 2018

Hi Nadine and Leana

I would just like to say : Thanks so much for all your help and patience with me regarding the moving of my Terrorist cat Micky from Mali to Wilderness George. Micky’s journey started early on Friday 15 February – he had his own plane to fly him to Dakar (he was not impressed with the small plane J).

We arrived in Dakar and he caused a stir with the customs officials at Dakar airport passport control – so much ooing and aaaahhing that he got me out of needing a visa (bonus as it saved a page in my passport).

At the airport we went to cargo and completed more paperwork (for future info if anyone else is mad enough to do this – the cargo people where great, just remember they only take cash), Micky received another health care certificate (the person is situated in the cargo division so it was easy)

Micky then spent the night with me in the Radisson hotel (not spoilt ne). The morning of the 16th I dropped him off at Dakar cargo at the pre-fart of dawn. Dakar cargo all knew I was going to drop him off, they handled him like a priced possession and I was well assured that Micky would be in good hands.

On arrival in SA (after an 8 hour flight), you guys took over and wow – thanks the photos I received and the follow-up to tell me he was safe – resulted in some tears of happiness and stress relief that he was healthy and in good hands.

The next afternoon he was waiting for me at George airport – I must say I did get quite a mouthful from him.

He is now settling in and becoming part of my fur baby family

Many thanks with all my heart for all you guys did – if you would like contact details or any info that could make someone else who is doing this mad undertaking from the middle of nowhere – please drop me a line and I will gladly assist.

From Micky, Me and my family