Travel Route – Johannesburg to London Heathrow, UK
Shipment date – 3 June 2019

Hello Yolandi!

I do hope you are doing well and have had a fabulous day.

We are relatively settled in our new home and the human babies have already made a friend who lives a few doors away.

The furbabies have been spoilt rotten by their Uncles with many toys and enrichment paraphernalia, fancy food and treats, even a water fountain! Never mind the extravagant cat perch and radiator hammocks!! …they do still prefer our beds though lol. RiverSong is antsy to get out and explore his surrounds, however we won’t be letting them out for a while yet.

Please find the attached pictures. Marcie is so cosy on my bed and RiverSong is curled up in Genoa’s bed with a very special Koala.

Collecting the kitties from Heathrow’s ARC was a breeze and all staff were friendly. We did not receive a phonecall from SAA for the ‘okay to forward’ however the tracking link worked well and put our minds at ease. I am impressed at how smooth the entire process was!! I cannot thank you enough.

You will probably only receive this mail in the morning so wishing you a fantastically furry Friday!

Warmest regards,