Travel Route – Cape Town to France
Shipment date – 18 September 2019

Good morning Marinda,

Thank you for following up!

Stefan picked her up in Frankfurt yesterday morning and they arrived back around 1pm.  Once all the admin was sorted he was able to collect her very quickly.  He says she didn’t make a sound when they brought her out until she saw him.  Happy reunion 🙂

At home, she remained in the travel crate for a minute or so.  Then she calmly came out and went and sat in a protected corner and then under the duvet as expected.  She remained there until Stefan came home from work.  She does enjoy following him around.  I think she had a good snooze after her big trip.

She is very calm and happy which is great.  I expected her to be a bit frazzled.  Unless you count her sitting inside my closet for the last three hours!

The whole process of getting her here was good. I was unsure about the collection process, but we received it at the right time.

Thanks again for putting up with all my emails.

Have a great day