Travel Route – Johannesburg to London, UK

Shipment date – 6 March 2019

Good Day Chantelle

My apologies it has taken a few days to respond to you as we have been trying to set up house and get some sort of internet working at our residence as we await our new wifi router.

It was so lovely to reunite with our dogs, both my wife and myself were over joyed to see them both.

Luckily the whole process went smoothly collecting them at Animal Reception Centre. We contacted your agent on the morning of the collection and she mentioned they would be ready at about 1pm, we arrived at the offices at about 1:15pm. A lady came out to take our details went back into the offices collected the dogs and everything was cleared. The whole process must of taken 15- 20 minutes. Needless to say some people in the waiting room area had been sitting in the room for hours waiting for their animals as forms were incorrect or certain forms they did not have, many of them were very unhappy that we basically walked in and walked out with our dogs no hassle. SO from our side a job very very well done to you and the team.

The dogs are adjusting nicely it of cause a new place to them and the weather has been quite cold but its awesome having them with us. To you and your team yet again thank you so so much for the effort put in for us and the company will defiantly be highly recommended by both of us.



Shelton Bell