Travel Route – Johannesburg to London Heathrow, UK
Shipment date – 9 January 2020

Hi Marlene,

The kids arrived safely on Friday afternoon. The dogs ran straight to the owners of the B&B to say ‘hello’ first before coming over to me! They are settling down really well and are making firm friends with the dogs here at the B&B.

The team on this side were fantastic in letting me know they’d arrived, checking up on Bear’s meds, and letting me know they were on the way. By the time it got to 16h00 (they were due to arrive at 16h30), I couldn’t sit still,

I took the cats straight through to Tiger Barn Cattery that day, as the B&B is only dog friendly. Bear was so angry with me – he growled every time I picked him up, and ‘huffed’ down his nose at me. Lola was very happy and eager to explore.

When I went over on the Saturday, I had been forgiven and got lots of love and headbutts from Bear. When I pop through this evening I will take some photos and then I can send them to you.

I wanted to thank you and the team for everything, especially for taking care of Bear for me when he was ill. It was incredibly stressful on this side knowing I couldn’t be with him.

I will send some pics through later today, and will complete the review on Google too!

Thank you once again!

Michelle, Lola, Harley, Zoe and baby Bear.