Travel Route – Gordons Bay Cape Town to London Heathrow, UK

Dear Kylie

Thank you for your personal service in getting Jesse from Cape Town to London, United Kingdom. Your attention to detail, patience with a neurotic owner, love of animals and efficiency all contributed to a smooth travel.

Besides the change in travel dates and earlier than scheduled collection, through no fault of your own but rather the airline, everything went off smoothly. Jesse was very happy to see us and the whole process from landing to clearance through HARC took less than 5 hours and the staff at JCS and HARC were friendly and helpful.

Jesse is exploring the new countryside with all new unknown smells and creatures. Although she doesn’t let me out of her sight at the moment it is understandable as nothing smells like home but once we are fully settled she should be better.  I must say this is the only side effect of her trip that I have noticed.

I will send you some photo’s of Jesse after collection at HARC prepared for her road trip to Scotland and of her exploring the new land in a separate email.

Thank you again for all you did.