Living in London is a dream of many people around the world.

There are various reasons why London is such an attractive attraction to a lot of expats. Some people see a move to London as a new and exciting opportunity for them and their loved ones and others see it as a new beginning. Whatever your reason may be for making the decision to pack up and move to London, you wouldn’t want to start the new chapter in your life without your precious pet.

Advance planning for your upcoming move to London is going to be crucial. It will require good planning and research to find a suitable place to live. Finding a pet friendly rental property, especially dog friendly can be very challenging. Pet friendly rentals in London are limited and they tend to get snapped up very quickly.

A lot of landlords don’t allow pets, because of this the high demand for pet friendly rental properties has pushed the rental prices through the roof. It would be a good idea to set up a “pet CV” for your pets and to send it out with rental applications. A CV for your pet and getting a reference from your previous landlord are two good ways to persuade landlords that you and your pet are responsible tenants. You can use the CV as an opportunity to talk about your pet’s behaviour and personality.

Apart from the challenges pet owners face with regards to finding reasonably priced housing, London is one of the most pet friendly cities in the world.

Provided your dog is well behaved and kept on a lead at all times, your dog will be allowed to travel for free on the London Underground Tube Network. Some of the Black Cabs and London Busses will also accept a pet on board, but only if the driver allows it. If you decide to take the London Underground it is important to keep in mind that smaller breed dogs have to be carried on the escalators to prevent damage to their paws and larger breed dogs have to use the stairs. It is however important to ensure that you educate yourself about the layout of the stations so that you can adapt your trip accordingly. Some of the stations have stairs and others only have escalators.

The pace of London is frenetic at times, and you might just want to take some time out with your pet every so often. Time out is very easy when you are living in London because roughly 47% of the Greater London area is green space that offer tranquil settings for a picnic, a walk, or just lazing around. Dogs are welcome in most of London’s parks and green spaces as long as they are kept under control and you clean up after them.

Whilst you are out and about, if you fancy a Saturday lunch or a Sunday brunch you will find numerous pet friendly cafés, restaurants and bars scattered around the city. Some of the restaurants have even started catering for beloved canines. They have special water and treat bowls for their four legged clients and some even have a special “pooch” section on their menus. Every day more and more of London’s prestigious restaurants are welcoming well-behaved dogs into their fine establishments.