The key to a successful pet move is planning ahead!

Moving your pets to Australia can be a 7 month process if you have to start the preparation process from scratch.

Some advice and guidelines to what has to be done first:

1. Microchip

It is important to start early, make an appointment at your vet a minimum of 7 months prior to departure. If your pet doesn’t have a microchip yet, ask your vet to implant a microchip. A microchip should be implanted before, or at the same time of the Rabies and annual vaccinations. If your pet already has a microchip ask your vet to check the microchip to make sure that it is still in working order. It is important that the microchip can be read by an Avid, Trovan, Destron or any other ISO compatible microchip reader. If your vet cannot read your pet’s microchip you should have a new microchip implanted and new Rabies and annual vaccinations would need to be given.

2. Rabies vaccination and annual vaccinations

A Rabies vaccination can only be given to a pet that is older than 3 months.

It is important to keep your pets vaccinations current; this means that the vaccinations has to be updated annually either on the same day each year or before the date that is written in the vaccination book.

If your pet already has a valid rabies vaccination, but no microchip, then it is essential that the microchip is implanted prior to the blood drawn date, as the blood test must state your pet’s microchip number.

3. Rabies TITRE blood test

Your pet has to be taken to the vet again (at least 30 days and less than one year after the rabies vaccination) for the Rabies Titre blood test.

The Rabies Titre blood test needs to be at least 6 months old (180 days) before departure and the test cannot be older than 24 months when a pet arrives in Australia.

4. Import permit & Quarantine

While waiting for the Rabies Titre blood test to become valid you can apply for the Australian Import Permit. The Import Permit is applied for online and the permit is valid for a year.

After the Import Permit has been issued and a travel date has been set the quarantine space can be applied for online. All dogs and cats arriving into Australia from South Africa have to go into quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

There is only one quarantine station in Australia and it is situated in Melbourne. Should your pet need to travel onward after the quarantine period, Global Paws would be able to assist with the onward arrangements through one of our partnered IPATA agents, to any Australian city or destination.

5. Arrangements, veterinary tests and treatments

To make all the arrangements, attend veterinary tests and treatments can be quite overwhelming.

To make life easier and save you time, Global Paws will assist and guide you through your pet’s entire relocation process.

Once a travel date has been set, your Global Paws consultant will work out a personalised timeline for your pet.

There are two vet appointments that needs to be done by you at least 50 days prior to the departure date. – Do not despair – Global Paws will give you this information timeously! Specific treatments have to be done for dogs and cats. Dogs have to undergo further blood tests and treatments. The exact dates that everything needs to be done will be given to you on your pets’ timeline.

The final Health Certificate and treatments has to be done within 5 days of departure. We will take your pet for this final vet appointment to ensure that all of the documentation is in order. Once the final Health Certificate has been done at a private vet we will take all of the paperwork to the State Vet for their final endorsement.

It is quite a process to prepare your pet for your upcoming move to Australia, but with our professional help and guidance this will become easier and less daunting.

Your home is where your pet is… once all of the necessary steps are taken; you and your beloved pet are set and ready to enjoy your new adventure in Australia!

Happy traveling!