Travel Route – Newport Beach, USA to South Africa
Arrival date – 2 February 2018

Good morning Elsabe and Jacky,

Just a warm and grateful note that Misha and I arrived seamlessly earlier today. It’s a great plan to do the stopover in Frankfurt; I can see how Misha settles in, gets a good rest, eats, hydrates and then cruises into her longer cargo journey (FRA / CPT) 18 hours later…

Vineet / PetAir is of course wonderful in FRA – he is a warm kind man, and so professional.

I don’t think this trip and the paperwork could have been easier – the learning curve of last fall
certainly paid its benefits this time! I hope you both feel the same way — and please know that as I unpack, and return to my wonderful work assignment here, how very grateful I am to you both (and Trevor) for helping to keep me “whole” and happy, by ensuring my fur pal is cruising along with me. I think she’s happy too – she marched right into the apt, went to her litter box and then stood by her water / food bowls. It’s good to know who’s really in charge here.

You’re both the best.
Big hug