Just as we enjoy a comfortable happy living space, our pets need their own spaces to feel safe and happy and comfortable at all times!

Written by Lauren Brink

No matter how comfortable your home may be for you and your family, it is important that all of our pets feel at home too!

With this in mind, here are a few ways to create a safe, fun and cozy living space for your beloved pet!

~ Designate a Comfortable Space for Your Pet to Sleep

Just like we humans love our beds, you pet also needs a comfortable place to relax and sleep on their own! In making this special space for your pet to rest, as well as access to their food and water at ease, choose a quiet area in your home. With a small space to call their own, your pet can escape to the quiet and comfortable place in your home at any time.

~ Provide Your Pets with Warm and Cozy Blankets

Whether your pet wants to sleep or sit in a comfortable place, their space in your home should have a warm bed or plenty of cozy blankets for them to rest comfortably. Blankets, towels, and even comfortable area rugs will help to create a cozy resting place for your pet to enjoy throughout the day.

~ Keep the Bed and Blankets Clean for Your Pet

Much like our sheets and linens, it is important to keep the bed and blankets clean for your pet. A clean bed and blankets will not only be extra cozy and welcoming for your pet, but they will also help to reduce the risks of tracking parasites in from outside. Occasional cleaning of your pet’s bed will also keep it smelling fresh throughout the year so that your home remains free of odors.

~ Spoil them with Plenty of Toys to Enjoy and Play With

Adding toys to your pets environment is a sure way to keep them happy. Store their favorite toys in a basket that they can easily access near their quiet space in your home to keep their space clean for you and enjoyable for them. Play time is imperative in keeping your pets happy!

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