Import / Transit Requirements for Cats and Dogs into Italy

Age Of Animal

The animal has to be 7 months or older in order to travel to the EU, they have to have their own Rabies vaccination that they can receive at 12 weeks and their own Rabies Titre blood test that has to be at least 92 days old before travel.


Pets must be microchipped, the microchip must be either implanted before the Rabies vaccination or with the rabies vaccination.

Should a microchip fail then a microchip has to be implanted again and the process started from the beginning. A new rabies vaccination would need to be given either on the same day or after the microchip implantation.

Rabies Vaccinations

Pets must have a Rabies vaccination that is older than 31 days, but not older than one year.

Three year rabies vaccinations can be accepted depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, as long as the microchip was implanted before the vaccination was given. Please lease with one of our consultants so that they can check and confirm.

Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titre Test

The blood sample must be taken at least 30 or 31 days after the rabies vaccination NO LESS. Once this blood test has been done there is then a waiting period of three calendar months or 92 days from the date the blood sample was drawn.

Normal Canine and Feline vaccinations

Annual canine and feline vaccinations are recommended. Kennel cough vaccinations and snuffles vaccinations for dogs and cats are also recommended, should your pet require boarding before or after they travel all reputable kennels would insist that you produce a valid vaccination certificate.

Commercial and Non-Commercial Health Certificate

The pets have to be accompanied by an Official Third Country Veterinary Health Certificate issued by a private veterinarian certifying compliance with the above requirements and this Health Certificate must be stamped & signed by the SA State Vet.

The Non-Commercial Health certificate must be done within 5 days of travel.

A Commercial Health Certificate has to be done within 48 hours of travel.

~ Our clients will be supplied with the correct & filled in Heath Certificate.

Owners or an authorized person MUST travel on the same flight or within 5 days of the pet/s in order to have the non-commercial health certificate endorsed. Should the owners or an authorized person or owner not be able to travel on the same flight or within 5 days of the pet/s a commercial health certificate can be used for travel. Kindly note that additional charges might apply should pets travel on a commercial health certificate.

Echinococcus (Tapeworm) Treatment

Dogs travelling to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Malta and Norway requires treatment for Echinococcus (tapeworm) 120 hours and not less than 24 hours before the time of scheduled entry. We do however recommend that this treatment is administered for dogs and cats travelling to the UK and all other EU countries.