Import / Transit Requirements for Cats and Dogs into Ghana

Age Of Animal

The animal has to be 4 months or older in order to travel to Ghana.


Pets must be micro chipped, the microchip must be either implanted before the Rabies vaccination or with the rabies vaccination.

Rabies Vaccinations

Pets must have a Rabies vaccination that has been given when the pet was at least 3 months old. The rabies vaccination has to be older than 31 days, but not older than 6 months

Normal Canine and Feline vaccinations

Annual vaccinations are required and have to be older than 14 days and not older than 1 year on arrival.


Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospira canicola and Leptosspira icterohaemorrhagiae, Parainfluenza & Corona virus


Feline Panleukopenia (enteritis/feline Distemper), Feline Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus

Kennel cough vaccinations and snuffles vaccinations for cats are recommended, should your pet require boarding before or after they travel all reputable kennels would insist that you produce a valid vaccination certificate.

Blood Tests Required to apply for Import Permit

All Importers of dogs into Ghana are required to provide negative test results of the following diseases before an import permit would be issued.

Disease                                                                                                Test Required

  1. Brucella Canis                                                                                 Serum Agglutination/Giemsa smear
  2. Trypanosoma Evansi                                                                       Card Agglutination/Giemsa smear
  3. Babesia Gibsoni                                                                              Giemsa smear
  4. Dirofilaria immitis                                                                             Microfilaria filtration test
  5. Leishmaniaspps.                                                                              Indirect Fluorescent antibody test or

ELISA or Direct Agglutination test.

Importers should note that a permit would only be issued if all the test results are negative.

Health Certificate (Valid for 10 days)

The pets have to be accompanied by a health certificate issued by a private veterinarian certifying compliance with the above requirements and this Health Certificate must be stamped & signed by the SA State Vet. The Health certificate must be done within 10 days of travel.

~ Our clients will be supplied with the correct & filled in Heath Certificate.

Import Permit

Import Permit is required and valid for 4 weeks from date of issue.