Country Requirements

Our pet’s Country Requirements pages contain general information on the requirements for pet travel to give you an idea of the steps that lay ahead. Contact us few months before your pet’s intended travel date to avoid delays and disappointments in your pet’s shipment. Some countries require 7 months of preparations before your pet can fly. Please note that there are many other considerations to be taken into account and that’s why we recommend acceptance of our services as soon as possible to enable you to start working with one of our dedicated pet travel consultants. The earlier your consultant checks your pet’s paperwork and travel preparedness the better. It is important to understand that country requirements can and do change from time to time. Changes to country requirements can happen overnight, without any warning. Due to the many shipments we undertake to all the major international destinations and our strong business ties with IPATA agents

worldwide we generally have access to the most recent regulations which we can pass on to you before you take your pet for any vaccinations or blood tests. When it comes to Country requirements please trust your Pet travel specialist. Many other professionals e.g. your vet, may have some knowledge, but not necessarily the most up to date information, and try to advise accordingly. Should you hear or be presented with any information that conflicts with the information given to you by your Pet Travel Consultant please contact us immediately. Ultimately we are responsible for your pets wellbeing and, as the professionals you trust, are dedicated to reunite your family as easily and as stress-free as possible.