Travel Route – Cape Town to New Zealand
Shipment date – 17 March 2020

Hi Yolandi

Nice to hear from you.

Cleo is all good with us in our temporary home (getting pet friendly accommodation here is really really difficult and Corona aint helping)

Thank you again for being so organised and efficient at your job, of all the processes we had to go through,

I really thought after reading an hearing every-ones disaster stories this was going to be a mission, but you made it simple and for this I am very grateful

I have made mention of you and your company on the FB Page (South Africans Immigrating with Pets)

I will gladly do the google review now quickly and will always speak highly of you when asked who I would recommend.

Attached the photos you requested

(PS the one in the crate, yesterday she just climbed in and sat there looking at the garden – very cute)

I trust this is in order

Have a wonderful day

Thanks and Regards

Cheryl and Family