Travel Route – South Africa to Portugal

Hi Toinette

Well, what a journey but at last we are all together in one place.

Thanks so much for all you did and all the extra care that was above and beyond especially for Blue.We could not have done all that process on our own and it was such an emotional event.

From this end the flight was great, arrived on time and Zurich did a vet check so they didn’t need another one at Portugal. The only problem we had apart from the paperwork taking so long (21/2 hours) was at customs because we hadn’t travelled with them and there was no documentation to say who had. Despite all the documents they said it didn’t prove that the animals were ours and in the end the only solution they had was for Mike to handwrite an affidavit stating that he had owned the pets for three years and estimating how much they were worth – probably 50 pieces of official documents and they still needed a handwritten note!!

They were healthy although a bit shell shocked and very tired. Blue refused to go in a cat box in the car and now he just wants to go outside so is a bit frustrated. Scarlett was happy to see us although a bit lost and has now seen the sea for the first time.

Attached are some photos, Blue (in the car refusing the ct box and still inside) and Scarlett at the beach where we are staying at the moment in the Algarve.

Kind regards