Travel Route –  Johannesburg to Australia

Good morning Yolandi

Hope you are well and had a good Christmas I have attached some photos of Bean

He arrived safely and has not lost his loving personality

I would like to thank Global Paws but especially Yolandi who went above and beyond to make me feel at ease when I would stress about Bean.

There were times when she would call me to chat and reassure me that all was on track. From the time she took over as our consultant she never wavered , answered all my questions and followed up with responses as soon as possible Given the time difference as well, this did not deter her from contacting me mostly by emails and then phone calls if she felt that I need reassurance Bean arrived safely and picking him up was smooth sailing forme THANK YOU Yolandi , you are a true professional and I have already recommended you and Global Paws to many of my friends and the group called “South Africans Emigrating with Pets”

Rani Govender