About us

From an acorn grows a mighty Oak...

Global Paws begun as a tiny acorn back in 1989, when through our well established and respected Pet Boarding Kennels – Snowpine Kennels, we were approached by a kenneling client and asked whether we could transport their dog to Europe. As we had already imported a few of our own pets internationally we considered and accepted the challenge. We navigated the hurdles and successfully relocated our first dog. The acorn was sown. Global Paws was born and incorporated.

Suddenly 32 years have flown by and we have relocated over 51 000 pets and manufactured an equivalent amount of IATA approved travel kennels to keep them safe and protected for the duration of their travels. Global Paws currently has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and we have 25 dedicated staff members who as pet owners understand our clients concerns when trusted with their pets and would move mountains to reunite the pets, safely and ethically, with their family.

To add a touch more sizzle we have been rewarded as a Brand of the Year for 2019/2020 from World Branding Awards in their Animalis Edition. The awards which focused on the pet and animal brands, was held in the Throne Room of Vienna’s Hofburg Palace on the 3rd of July 2019. Global Paws received a Trophy that was handled to our Directors personally.



Global Paws likes to expand its views and ways…

Even global epidemic due to Covid19 has not stopped Global Paws from expanding our wings onto our local markets. We have started to help out our local breeders with road transportation of their puppies and kittens while the whole world was in lockdown. We are continuing with our National road transportation once a month now.

In May 2019 we opened our own Vet Room at our Global Paws Johannesburg premises. Having our own dedicated veterinarian gives our clients the certainty that all the veterinary travel requirements will be adhered to in accordance with the latest industry standards and for all our furry travelers who are staying at Snowpine Kennels it also means less disruption as they don’t need to be removed from their kennel environment for their veterinary travel procedures and health certificates endorsements.

Additionally, we’ve endeavored to develop products to enhance the travel experience for both clients and their pets…for the clients we introduced our complimentary Pet Protection Plan to give additional security and confirm our commitment. For our beloved pet travelers, we introduced our Traveler Comfort Pack that offers above industry standard travel accessories to further ease their travel experience.

Our travel kennel production team have developed our very own unique range of Pet Bedding Products and Storage containers that are not only chic, but that are also pleasing to the eye! As we are an innovative company and always looking to develop something new, exciting and different to provide to our customers, these new products will bring a sense of rustic beauty into your home.

Alongside these products we’ve continuously endeavored to improve our services by introducing a 48hr quote return commitment, a customer care liaison, a mid and post service satisfaction survey and our team managers monitor every pet shipment and are always available on our 24h emergency contact numbers to ease any concerns or queries that may arise.

We monitor ever changing rules and regulation regarding our pet travel industry and we stay connected with IPATA, the world’s most well-regarded pet travel association, where incidentally our owner and director served on the board as regional director for Africa and the Middle East.

Now as we stand in the calming shade of this mighty Oak we’ve nurtured and look at our team of experts who were fundamental in this process we are quietly confident that this Oak will continue maturing until the tiny acorns it produces will themselves be nurtured into beautiful Oaks.

As a whole we love what we do and will always endeavour to be the very best we can be so that our motto – HOME IS WHERE YOUR PET IS – is kept real and alive!


Global Paws Cape Town Team

Located in Cape Town, South Africa


Global Paws Johannesburg Team

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa