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Global Paws is one of the most reputable pet travel companies worldwide and we were the first IPATA member in South Africa.



All countries require veterinary preparation. This can take a different amount of time and commitment e.g. preparation for taking pets into EU countries takes 3 to 4 months, where preparation for pets into USA can take up to 30 days.

As soon as you accept our quotation and your consultant starts working on your file, you will be asked to supply us with copies of your pet’s veterinary documentation.

It is important that you do this immediately, because if there is anything wrong with your paperwork, your consultant will be able to pick this up and guide you accordingly.

Sometimes vets or their receptionists can advise incorrectly when it comes to pet travel. Ultimately they are great at healing your pets and taking care of their health. Their job is to be vets not to be pet travel agents therefore we strongly recommend that you let your pet travel consultant guide you through your destination country’s specific requirements - sooner rather than later.

Absolute Don’ts:

  • Microchips cannot be inserted after the rabies vaccination, unless it is done on the same day.
  • Do not draw blood for the TITRE rabies blood test less than 30 days after the last rabies vaccination.
  • Do not vaccinate the pet against rabies at least 30 days before its travel.
  • A few words about the health certificate...

    The health certificate is a health inspection to certify that your pet is fit to travel and basically that your pet can undertake the journey safely.

    So... closer to the departure date, when all the necessary documentation is in place, the health certificate needs to be taken care of:

  • You can do this yourself or let Global Paws arrange it for you
  • Your pet will be taken to your private veterinarian, who will certify that your pet is fit to travel and complies with the destination countries requirements
  • Most health certificates need to be countersigned by the State Vet and we generally provide this service.
  • Every health certificate is only valid for a short period
  • Global Paws clients exporting from South Africa will be supplied with the correct and filled in health certificate.

    Read your specific country travel requirements for cats and dogs