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Global Paws is one of the most reputable pet travel companies worldwide and we were the first IPATA member in South Africa.


What’s important to you?

  • Your comfort – We will provide you with professional and up to date pet travel guidance and expertise concerning your destination country’s specific requirements and your pet’s veterinary preparations. Global Paws will happily shoulder all the anxieties you may have to safely and ethically reunite your family in your new home.

    Upon your acceptance of our quotation and us receiving the required deposit, your dedicated consultant will check your pet’s veterinary documentation and advise you accordingly. You will be supplied with a detailed schedule of what needs to be done including, where, when and by whom it should be done.

    In the meantime please browse our resources and read your destination country’s requirements ...find your pet’s travel requirements.

  • Your funds – invest with us, the professional company that charges an honest price for an above standard service. Our price does not compromise the level of service we supply or the care provided to your pets.

    Please note: overseas pet travel or animal relocation is often far more expensive than human travel. Airfreight is calculated on how much space your pet’s travel crate occupies in the airline’s cargo hold and unfortunately these prices are never discounted by the airlines. Veterinary fees, airline fuel fees, administration fees, crate charges and additional customs or state vet endorsements have to be taken into consideration. We will tailor your quote to suit your needs and requirements, but if you find that the quote is above your budget please let us know and perhaps we can advise you on how to reduce costs.

  • Your time – If you are a busy person, and finding time is difficult for you, let us supply you with an all-inclusive pet relocation service: door to door pet transportation, where we take care of all the veterinary preparations required for international transportation, collections, deliveries, provide kennelling and even more.

    The last few days of moving home is a very busy time for you and can be stressful for your pets. With strangers coming and going, all the new smells and activity, perhaps it is easier to place them into our care, at our kennels and cattery, and let us deal with the outstanding veterinary preparations, health certificates and endorsements on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on your human family.

  • Your peace of mind – The safety of your pets is the most worrying aspect of your animal’s relocation experience and this is the reason why it is important that you deal with a professional and down to earth pet travel company, who will put your pet’s comfort, safety and needs above all else.

    Our Pet Travel Consultants’ experience and knowledge is supported by the very latest IT systems and a comprehensive database, together with a tried and tested SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) program we ensure a safe and foolproof system whereby documentation, communication and a high level of service are assured for you and your pet.

    Our Animal Handlers are highly trained, responsible pet movers and they will collect or deliver your pets in our reliable air-conditioned vehicles. They will always put the pet’s needs first and ensure that they are well cared for from the moment of contact to their final delivery point.

    Everyone in the industry knows Global Paws; we have excellent and friendly relationships with everybody at all the airlines – from the management to the airline’s ground staff. We deal with our State Vets on a daily basis and we have an excellent working rapport with the majority of registered Veterinarians.

    Having worked with our own local veterinarian over decades we have built a reliable and trusted relationship, which guarantees flawless veterinary paperwork regardless of your country of destination.

    Your pets will fly in a secure pet travel kennel manufactured by us to IATA standards and specifications.

  • Uniqueness – Why are we the preferred travel agency and what else does Global Paws offer that is unique?

    Pet Protection Plan – we offer you complementary cover for any emergency veterinary fees or the replacement value of your pet, should anything serious occur, while they are in transit at no cost to you, read more.

    Traveller Welcome Pack – this purchasable service includes: your pets travel kennel pre-delivery, special vet bedding and a calming collar, read more.

    We were the first IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) member in South Africa. Our affiliation to this organization provides us with a worldwide network of proven agents to ensure a safe and happy reunion with your pets.

    Our Company owner/director, Dean Emin, serves on the board of IPATA as regional director for Africa and The Middle East giving us unparalleled access to all international pet travel developments as they occur.

    We will tackle every pet shipment regardless of its complexity or bizarre destination. If we cannot get your pet into a required location it is because there is a special embargo or restriction, not because we don’t know how.

    African countries are notoriously difficult to get pets into but we are proud to say that we have developed a network of reliable and proven agents in almost every African country.