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how do I move my pets

Veterinary preparation

essential for pets relocating overseas

Pet travel crates

wooden travel boxes or plastic travel kennels

Pet protection plan

complementary cover for your pets while in transit

Traveller Welcome Pack

products that will ease the pet’s journey


care and love while you are away

Global Paws is one of the most reputable pet travel companies worldwide and we were the first IPATA member in South Africa.

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Export Requirements:

General rules and regulation :

  • Bear in mind that every country has its own rules and regulations. Global Paws will advise you what requirements you have to meet to be able to export your pet.
  • Generally all international destinations require a valid rabies vaccination for travel. Valid means that the vaccination must have been given no more than one year and no less than thirty days before the intended travel date.
  • We suggest that you check your pet`s vaccination certificate in good time, so as to ensure that there will be no problems when the time comes for your pet to travel.
  • It is also important for your pet`s health to keep the standard canine or feline vaccinations up to date. In addition, should your pet require boarding before they travel all reputable kennels would insist that you produce a valid vaccinations certificate along with a kennel cough vaccination.
  • Most countries require an import permit that we can obtain on your behalf. Import permit have to be in English or have to be translated by an official translator.
  • We recommend that you microchip your pet even if it might not be a requirement at your intended destination.
  • Certain destinations require government laboratory blood testing for various diseases. Your consultant will advise on these specific details.
  • Your pet`s original documentation must travel with your pet, attached to its travel box.