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Global Paws is one of the most reputable pet travel companies worldwide and we were the first IPATA member in South Africa.



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How do I move my pets?

  • First of all, give us a call to get the feel or simply send us a quote request from this website.
  • You should receive your quotation within 48 working hours, if not, let us know.
  • Upon acceptance of our quotation you will be invoiced and asked to pay non-refundable deposit of ZAR 2500.00 (approximately $280).
  • Once payment is received, your dedicated consultant will contact you to establish a relationship, with you and your pets, and at the same time collect all the travel information specific to your pet travel relocation needs.
  • You will be asked to send us copies of your pets veterinary documentation so your consultant can establish your travel preparedness and advice accordingly.
  • You will be asked to complete our Required Information Sheet with your contact details, collection / delivery addresses and your pet’s measurements and weight.
  • Your consultant will advise you on the veterinary requirements for your destination country and once the travel date is confirmed will send you a time schedule of when and what needs to be done.
  • Your consultant will send you your pet’s flight itinerary.
  • Our manufacturing team will build your pet’s wooden IATA approved travel crate, unless you have ordered a plastic VARI-KENNEL.
  • If requested, we will pre-delivery the travel kennel to your residence along with the special vet bedding and calming collar – the calming collar needs to be put on your pet at least a week before your travel date.
  • Approximately 3 weeks before your pet’s departure, your consultant will review your travel quotation, to check if your invoice needs updating. The main reason for this is that the bigger part of your quote: the airline’s cargo rates, fuel and other related airfreight charges can change, especially if foreign currency exchange rates change during the waiting period prior to travel. Global Paws has no power over these charges and therefore we need to make you aware that your invoice will be reviewed closer to your departure time. Usually there is no change in the quotation, but we just want to be honest with you and make you aware that it might happen.
  • Approximately 10 days before travel, your consultant will book your pet’s flight. We cannot book flights earlier than that. It is an airline regulation.
  • The Airline will contact the consignee, (yourself or the person appointed by you to collect at destination) for the “Okay to forward” this is the process the airlines use to confirm who will be receiving your pets at the destination and to clarify that they are aware of the arrangements.
  • Once the “Okay to forward” is received your pets’ flight will be confirmed and booked.
  • Your consultant will then finalise all customs clearances for your pet.
  • Your consultant will arrange to collect your pet’s veterinary paperwork and do the Government State Vet clearance.
  • Once all the veterinary documentation is completed and in order, your consultant will send you electronic copies along with your pet’s AWB (manifested flight ticked).
  • Our Animal Handler will collect your pets from your residence on the day of their departure (unless kennelling is required prior to travel).
  • Please do not feed your animals a large meal on the day of departure; a small snack or treat is more suitable. This is because they will be in their travel crate for an extended period and will need to toilet at some point. A large meal equals a large toilet and this can lead to a very messy dog and travel crate. Alternatively your pet may constipate and if they have been fed a large meal this could lead to some discomfort. So please feed them well the night before and give your dog a long walk before our collection.
  • Now we all know how intuitive cats can be and they are famous for doing a disappearing act on the day of collection or even the evening before, so please keep your cats securely closed in a room from the evening before scheduled collection so there are no last minute surprises ☺
  • Your pets must be booked in, at the airlines, several hours (generally 4 hours) before their time of departure. Our Animal Handler will walk your dog, to let them refresh themselves, just prior to the handover to the airline. Our Animal Handler will also inform you once your pets have been booked in for their flight.
  • You will be provided with a track and trace website link to check on your pet’s flight status anytime during its journey.
  • In the case of an emergency we have a 24 hours manned phone line, please find the emergency phone numbers in your consultant’s email stationary.
  • Your consultant will follow up with you upon your pet’s arrival and again a few days later to check how your furry friend is settling into its new environment.

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