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Global Paws is one of the most reputable pet travel companies worldwide and we were the first IPATA member in South Africa.


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Specification for DOG kennelling:

Feeding: We feed our own food which is Cameron Lifestyle Adult or puppy. Clients must feel free to bring their own food if they prefer and we will feed it at no extra cost.

Runs: Yes, there is a large grassy exercise area.

Kennel: The kennels are large and individual - we NEVER share dogs belonging to different owners but do provide for families of dogs. The sleeping quarters are indoors.

Heated Kennels: Yes, they are available at an extra cost.

Grooming: We do shampoo and blow dry the dogs if the client would like us to, alternatively, we are happy to transport them to an outside grooming parlor at an additional cost.

Required vaccination: Valid rabies, standard canine vaccinations and kennel cough required.

Specification for Cattery:

Cattery: There are 3 catteries - the Rondavel, which has a small individual garden area per unit ( 3 cats per unit belonging to same family). This can be used for individual cats outside of School Holidays. The other 2 catteries are inside where they are housed individually with heaters and music playing.

Heated cattery: Yes, available.

Runs: Yes, the Rondavel cattery has a small individual garden area.

Feeding: We feed Royal Canin Science Diet to the cats.

Required vaccination: Valid rabies and standard feline vaccinations required.

Contact Details:

Office Telephone: +27 (0) 21 703 4319 or +(27) 0 21 704 6004

Email address:

Cape Pet-O-Tel Kennels & Cattery Physical Address:
Schaapkraal Road, Ottery
Cape Town 2001

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